CLASSES - We offer training in the following areas

Cheerleading-Cheerleading classes cover all aspects of what is included in a cheerleading team; tumbling, stunting, jumps, pyramids and dance.

Tumbling-Tumbling is floor gymnastics skills, however we have a lot of high-quality tumbling equipment which helps our athletes develop with their skills and grow confidence. Covering all your tumbling skills; forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels moving onto flicks and back somersaults etc. Tumbling is a very important part of cheerleading and makes up 1/3rdof the score of a competition routine! Our tumbling lessons are split by ability, Beginner Level 0/1, Intermediate Level 2/3, Advanced Level 4/5.

Stunting-Stunting requires a lot of strength, trust and teamwork! Stunting is a major part of cheerleading as all cheerleaders will come across stunting whether they are in dance teams or cheer teams! Stunting requires 1, 2, 3 or 4 bases that lift and throw their flyer in their air while they perform various stretches and tricks! During this class the athletes will also work on building pyramids. A pyramid is 2 or more stunts connected together.

Pom Dance- Pom Dance is a very traditional part of cheerleading, there are many arm motions a cheerleader will need to learn and these arm motions go together in a sequence to make a dance. The athletes will learn visual effects, formation changes and work hard on their jumps, as jumps are the only technical element needed in pom dance. This style of dance uses pomp oms.

Cheerdance-Cheerdance is the next step from Pom dance. Cheerdance includes all the elements of pom dance however with a lot more technical elements. Cheerdance includes turns, flexibility elements, leaps and kicks. Hartlepool Hawks are 3 times European champions in Cheerdance and UK National champions for 4 years.

Jazz-Jazz class will cover all dance skills such as; leaps jumps, spins, footwork, flexibility etc. Dancing is a very important part of being a cheerleader as dance is used in all different types of routines.

Hip Hop-Street dance skills will be taught in these sessions such as; freezes, footwork, popping, locking, tutting.

Lyrical –This style of dance will cover some similar skills as in jazz but trying to develop our athletes into graceful dancers. This session will also come a lot of ballet elements and technique as ballet is the backbone to all performance style sports and I believe that it is very important to have ballet technique as a performer! Ballet is also great for the body and amazing for posture!

Flyer Training –
This class is selection only and we only have a certain amount of spaces for this class. This class works on flexibility and balance which is what our flyers need! Current flyers and cheerleaders who show potential to become flyers will be selected for this class!

Contemporary-This is an expressive style of dance, which combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, and lyrical and ballet. Contemporary dance strives to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements.

Meta Fit- is a 30-minute, bodyweight-only, non-choreographed, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. ... By reducing the amount of time spent looking at a stopwatch or app, and increasing the focus on client technique, range of motion and intensity (true HIIT) – and making modifications when necessary.

Fundamentals– is a fun, team building session were its main focus is team cohesion. The athletes will enjoy fun filled games and activities which encourages team work and team moral.

Display teams – These teams are selected each year before the year begins. The selected teams train between January – May and then perform across the north east at many different events, carnivals, fundraisers etc between June – September. Being in a display team requires alot of dedication to the team.

Competitive classes – These classes are training teams for competitions. If competing is something you are interested in, in July letters will be given out regarding competitions and whether or not you would like to take part in them. Tryouts are Mid-August. Teams then start training in September and compete at various different events throughout the competitive season.

Competitions are not compulsory yet I advise that all our hawks consider them as it's a great way for them to develop! We take part in the following association championships; UKCA, BCA, FC, ICE, Cheer City, Legacy.

Open Gym – These sessions are open to Hawks athletes and also to the public, 9+ ONLY. These sessions are not structured or taught by a coach yet coaches will be present to ensure safety and safe practice. This allows participants to practice current or new skills in a safe environment on top of the range tumbling equipment. These classes are the only ones not included in your weekly fee.